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Orchestrate Complexity in Energy

Every business has those moments when they get judged, when they either delight or disappoint. Bringing together all the decisions, the processes… the blood, sweat and tears… to deliver at those moments, is what it’s all about. In the energy sector the Moment of Service means…


Managing complex asset structures


Controlling your projects and ensuring compliance


Optimizing your assets and resources in an evolving market


Why the Moment of Service matters in your industry


Fixing the fundamentals

Learn from our research with 1,700+ executives, industry by industry, as we asked them about the most important opportunities to improve customer experience in the wake of the pandemic.

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The Utility of the Future

To succeed, and thrive, in an increasingly demanding market, utilities businesses now need to provide optimized, customer-facing services backed by reliable operations. In this eBook, we’ll be detailing how investing in digital transformation and customer engagement can help you deliver superior Moments of Service for your customers.

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The future of energy and utilities

No organizations face such radical and transformative change as those currently operating within the energy sector. Fueled (rightly) by unrelenting global political and societal pressure, the need to move rapidly to environmentally sustainable business models is prompting total reinvention.

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"We came to the conclusion that IFS would be the ideal system to unify all our business units together."
Gary Mitchem, IT Director

Customers trust IFS

Customers trust IFS to enable their Moment of Service™


IFS Cloud for Energy

IFS Cloud enables companies to manage the customer, people, and asset elements of their business in a single solution. IFS Cloud is built for your industry, to solve your business challenges, and to make your digital transformation easier.

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