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Commercial Aviation
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Orchestrate Complexity in Commercial Aviation

Every business has those moments when they get judged, when they either delight or disappoint. Bringing together all the decisions, the processes… the blood, sweat and tears… to deliver at those moments, is what it’s all about. In Commercial Aviation the Moment of Service means…


Maximizing customer satisfaction through the dispatch reliability of your fleet, without compromising safety ​


Facilitating operational efficiencies through maintenance planning and a connected workforce at the line, hangar, and back shops


Ensuring fleet-wide airworthiness at all times by maintaining real-time compliance


Why the Moment of Service matters in your industry


Fixing the fundamentals

Learn from our research with 1,700+ executives, industry by industry, as we asked them about the most important opportunities to improve customer experience in the wake of the pandemic.

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Staying relevant in an evolving world

Outcomes are the new opportunity. In this report from Boston Consulting Group, find out why it is becoming increasingly common for businesses to adopt outcome-based business models.

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Understanding new business models and opportunities

The past year has been a time of reckoning for businesses. In the wake of unprecedented turbulence, companies across the world have accelerated transformation strategies and developed new business models.

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"Collectively, the positive results we have experienced to date cannot be undersold. Factoring in the cost reductions achieved to date, we are setting ourselves up well for stronger financial performance."
Mr. Huong Wang, Senior Vice President, Engineering & Maintenance Organization
China Airlines

Customers trust IFS

Customers trust IFS to enable their Moment of Service™


IFS Cloud for Aviation

IFS Cloud enables companies to manage the customer, people, and asset elements of their business in a single solution. IFS Cloud is built for your industry, to solve your business challenges, and to make your digital transformation easier.

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